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Toby Braun Information Design, freelance web design, Miami Beach, FLToby Braun Information Design, freelance web design, Miami Beach, FL

What is Information Design?

Information architecture, user experience, interface design, and brand identity intersect in TBID's practice of information design -- venn diagram

Information design is transformative. It renders the complex simpler. It looks easy, and that’s exactly the point.

Information design is multidisciplinary; it blurs the boundaries between skills that used to be considered discrete and separate. My practice is built upon my experience as advertising art director, graphic designer, computer programmer, information architect, user interface designer, usability guardian, and as a student of cognitive psychology.

As an information designer working since the field's infancy, I analyze and interpret information based on its inherent attributes and intended audience.

In my role as an information architect, I design structures and contexts for comprehension and contemplation.

As an interface designer, I create elements optimized for usability—such as toolbars, menus, forms and page templates.

And, as an experienced advertising art director, I advise clients on building brand identities and marketing strategies; and often help implement online ad formats such as satellite sites and banner ads.

My work is surprisingly affordable, with a high return on investment and quick turnaround times. I have an accessible, modern style of web site design that is easy to read, simple to navigate, and quick to download.


img-Toby_Braun I am a freelance information designer who specializes in information architecture and interface design for commercial web sites. My design style and approach is typified by the terms simplicity, ease of use and legibility. I have over twenty years of design experience.

In an earlier life I was a senior-level advertising art director. In this role, I created and produced hundreds of print, direct mail, outdoor and television advertisements. I was an early evangelist of computer-aided design and interactive marketing. I began pitching interactive projects whilst the Internet was still largely unknown and developed client work on the Prodigy, AOL and CompuServe networks.

As the Director of Creative Technology for EJL/Chicago I wrote a positioning paper called Better Advertising through Bartered Sponsorship. This piece was widely circulated in newsgroups and was republished in the International Telecommunications Union’s World Telecommunication Development Report. By the end of that year I started my freelance career providing a critical creative bridge between the nascent technologies of the World Wide Web and the brand-critical requirements of corporations wishing to establish an online presence. I also served as the technical editor for a book on contingency design by 37signals, called Defensive Design for the Web.

Defensive Design for the Web book jacketDesigning Web Usability book jacket

My work has been featured in a wide variety of venues ranging from web sites such as,,,; as well as in print magazines including U.S. News and World Report, Yahoo! Internet Life, The Face, Information Week, and Entertainment Weekly. An earlier iteration of my web site is featured in usability guru Jacob Nielsen’s book, Designing Web Usability. I've also given lectures on technology and interactive design at places like the Media Lab at MIT, The Art Institute of Chicago, and MacWorld San Francisco.

I have also had a long-running relationship with ComScore, working as the lead interface designer tasked with redesigning the web application ComScore Media Metrix.

I received my BA from Hampshire College. Hampshire’s unique philosophy focuses on learning how to learn, which in my opinion is the ultimate life skill!

I live and work in Miami Beach with my wife Ilana and two children, Theo and Lola. My hobbies include yoga, cooking and photography.


MARK ROSER, VP DATA APPLICATIONS AT COMSCORE NETWORKS: Toby was an essential contributor to our early success with our syndicated application. He came in with just the right mix of decisiveness and flexibility to keep the project on track. In spite of the time crunch he crafted a flexible design capable of gracefully evolving as our services, features and user base grew. He’s as comfortable speaking with CEO's as he is with developers.

CRAIG SHPARAGO, FORMER WRITING PARTNER, CURRENTLY VP/CREATIVE DIRECTOR AT LEO BURNETT: Toby is an intelligent, funny guy who also happens to be outstanding at what he does. He is innovative and extremely well-versed in all things visual and interactive. He constantly pushes boundaries and approaches things from a wholly different perspective. He would be a great asset in any creative capacity.

  • Front-End Web Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Interface Design
  • Branding & Marketing
Toby Braun Information Design
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